About BGH

Started in 2013 by five friends with a wide array of backgrounds, BGH is primarily an investment company. Located in the Northern Territory of Australia, each of the founding members has a unique prospective about the needs of businesses and their people. BGH is particularly tuned to difficulties facing remote and regional businesses across the globe and how small business is the cornerstone of many communities.

What is the BGH Business Network?

It’s whatever the community wants it to be. The BGH Business Network aims to be a resource for the regular person to gain and share information about anything that help or hinders their daily business life. The Little Guy Podcast is in production to help shine the spotlight on many of the different members of the group, because every person regardless of their size or situation has an interesting point of view or experience. The network is built across the website and social media to provide a network of connections to share information and contacts.

Why Join the BGH Business Network?

Firstly, it’s FREE.

BGH’s only intention is to provide information, discussion and resources from the average person rather than that of the all to common self-appointed experts. The reality is that the members are everything, and we plan to have them front and center of everything. With the social media explosion, we are all starting to realize the true value and potential of networking. In the ever shrinking world, joining BGH Business Network might just unlock a host of opportunities.