Australian Mother of the Year and NT Young Australian of the Year – Rebecca Healy join’s the BGH Business Network and blog network.

The BGH Business Network is overjoyed to announce that Rebecca Healy has decided to join the BGH team and its blog network.

BGH Founder Steve Edgington said “Rebecca is an amazing young woman and we are very lucky to have her on board.”

Fresh from completing her extraordinary role as a member of the Australian Y20 Planning Group, Rebecca (Bec) has amazing insight into both local and international issues, especially those facing young people.

Rebecca Healy Y20

“Bec is easily one of the premier youth advocates in Australia and to have her as part of our network and providing content to our users is an amazing boon for our start-up” said Steve Edgington. “Bec’s impressive resume and breadth of knowledge across many sectors means that she will be able to provide our members with a wide range of interesting information and insights”

Rebecca will be blogging on many topics from fostering children, to business best practice, to issues affecting youth across the globe, along with those affecting the modern everyday woman.

Her content will be available and on offer at times right across the BGH Network on sites like

As the BGH group continues to grow we hope that so will Bec’s role and her ability to spread further across the network.

“We can’t express how excited we are to have Bec as part of the team and the future of the BGH Business Network. In the near future we look forward to consistently producing more podcasts, videos and articles and having Rebecca as an enthusiastic part of that team” remarked Steve.


Rebecca Healy Tennant Creek


Rebecca can be found on Twitter @Bec_Healy

BGH Business Network @BGHBusiness

Frugal or Free @FrugalorFree

Steve Edgington

Steve is a highly qualified manager and leader, holding four university degrees specialising in public policy, business and investigations. Steve is one of five founding members of BGH.