Idea Rich – Time Poor


Honestly nothing describes my life currently than this blogs heading.

Like so many entrepreneurs and business people, I have filled my life to the brim with projects and non producing white noise. I’ve begun questioning how exactly to change this. I mean what is causing it really at the core of the issue. Is it

  • Time Management? (I do tend to get a bit achieved)
  • Work Ethic (I work pretty hard)
  • Motivation?? perhaps?
  • Staffing challenges
  • Is it the style of business and industry I currently operate in
  • My own choices to take on to many things
  • ?? External factors, like the economy and local market

As I work through all of these factors, I’m beginning to realise that it is a mixture of all of these things and huge amount of cause and effect. Like many business owners I know its often quite difficult to stay in control of every part of your operation. As things constantly change, often staying fluid and flexible soon leads to stress and before you know it a lack of motivation that can halt growth for a small to medium business.

With my current businesses, being those that provide accommodation, it means that I am stuck trading from a premises and really that the use of that infrastructure is all that I can sell. This means that I am constricted as to where, when and how many customers I can serve each day. It also means that I am limited in the growth I can make if the market demand isn’t huge.

For me as I learn more about business, I think this is CRAP!!! I want my business career to be much more fluid and I want to be able to service customers on a global scale, not from just my patch of dirt.

What does that mean? It means we have to change!

I don’t know what that change means yet, and perhaps this network is part of that change. Most surprising for me however is the mode in which this awaken came to me. For one of the first times it was from a business genre book. Usually these things I find have very little substance, but Crush It – By Gary Vaynerchuk put forward so many questions and potential answers to how I have been feeling.



Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

Now I know people often say things like “read this, it will change your life” and the like (I’m not sure it will do that) however I truly believe that its contains a lot of good and challenging questions for just about everyone. It really is a book that each of us should pick up and at least skim over.  Seriously Pickup a copy above.

For me, change is coming. I’m going to make it so.

Much love to all, and please leave comments below.


Jason Newman

Jason is an avid MMA Fight Fan and is a multi-award winning hospitality owner and operator. He is currently a member of the NT Business Advisory Council and is a founding member of BGH.