Welcome – But Why??


Because I’m tiring of false prophets.

As I enter my 12th year being self employed, it’s quickly dawning on me that by and large I’m burnt out. I have never had more trouble than I have in the last year to keep and build motivation.

But like many small to medium business owners, I HAVE DEBT. There is no choice, it has to be serviced and I have to continue to put one foot in front of the other. So I took to using and listening to podcasts while I worked. I loved the selection and the ability to pick topics based on my mood. Podcasts like the Joe Rogan Experience keep things light, while incredible storytellers like Dan Carlin and his Hardcore History series kept me riveted. However anything in the business genre eventually annoys me.


arghEvery guest seems to have an angle to sell or a book to promote. While all are clearly intelligent, almost all haven’t gone thru the grind of being a small business owner. So many of those writing books preaching for you to choose yourself, or only work for 4 hours a day are coming from an academic background unawares of what it feels like to open your bank account and realize you don’t have enough to cover wages. They don’t understand the frustration of having $100k in outstanding debtors if they would just pay on time. They don’t understand planning large works and your employees not turning up to work on the day they start.


While I don’t want to seem critical, I know the creation of anything takes great dedication and work. I just keep finding their clichéd mantra’s and advices are often, unhelpful and unoriginal.


Hence the birth of the BGH Business Network. I dream of a place where regular business people can discuss and share thoughts on anything. A place where the person your hearing from or about is experiencing the same things as you. Often its the 1% of super successful business people who give advice, the only problem is that due to their success they are often completely removed from the day to day operations of their businesses. For want of a description many successful people become professional board members, rather than managers and operators.


So I’m no expert, but that’s the point. I want to hear from, speak to and interact with all the amazing everyday folk. I hope that, that’s what this community can become. I hope we can all share, grow and network.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to the future.



Jason Newman

Jason is an avid MMA Fight Fan and is a multi-award winning hospitality owner and operator. He is currently a member of the NT Business Advisory Council and is a founding member of BGH.